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Wicked Autumn (Max Tudor #1)
Wicked Autumn
by G.M. Malliet


I chose this book because of a challenge requirement, and I'm rather glad I did. I don't read a whole lot of typical mysteries, but I enjoyed this one. I see from other reviews that people had issues with the main character; I do not know any Anglican priests or ex-MI-5 agents, so I had no problem with Max. I thought his curiosity regarding a murder in his parish that he literally stumbles into was realistic, given his background. And I liked the bits of backstory we get.

The mystery itself was fun to try to figure out (which I failed at SO HARD!) and the answer was something that I would have totally have read the book for, if I'd known ahead of time that that was the reason. I definitely enjoyed getting to know the little town of Nether Monkslip and its kooky characters. I would not say know to another journey there with them.

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge: A book with one of the four seasons in the title

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