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Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits
by Rainbow Rowell

A new Rainbow Rowell story? I'm there! My friend and I went to Independent Book Store Day and at least 50% of that reason was to acquire a copy of this. We managed to get the third and second -to-last copies in the store! SCORE!

My first review got eaten, so this one is not quite so exciting. But I really enjoyed this story of a fellow fangirl (a Star Wars purist, to boot!) who wants to celebrate the newest movie by camping out in line in the days leading up to the movie's release. The problem is: the line is only two other people. And one of them doesn't seem to like her much (so of course they come to fall for each other). The story is full of fangirl love, from the games they play in line to the costumes to the names written on coffee cups. And the characters are as vibrant as I'd expect from Rainbow Rowell, from Elena's over-protective mother who drives by often to make sure she's okay in line to Troy, a line veteran from years back.

The irony in the ending had me laughing. And the story itself had me remembering all the reasons I love Star Wars and being a fangirl.

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