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The Gardener
The Gardener
by Sarah Stewart, David Small

Having adored The Library, the art style on the cover caught my eye, and I had to pick it up at once.

This is the story of a little girl, Lydia Grace Finch, who must leave her parents and grandmother to go live with her uncle because money is tight. She loves to garden, so living in the city presents a challenge, but she is optimistic. Through letters she writes home, we learn that she finds little ways to pursue her love and also tries her best to make her uncle happy (all she wants from him is a smile!).

This was such a sweet story, and David Small's amazingly detailed illustrations really bring it to life. The gardens are lovely, but you really can't help but want to lean into the book and give Lydia Grace a hug for her efforts. There's so much to see in this book, including the beginning and ending pages of the book that are typically blank in most books but filled with important story details here.

A lovely read!

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