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Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat
Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat
by Katie Harnett

This is the tale of a cat with many owners. He goes from one to the other, and each family thinks he's theirs and names him how they want. But when he meets a quiet woman who is clearly a dog person but lonely, he befriends her and realizes he wants to be her cat. What do his families do when they find him missing? Or when they realize their cat is also everyone else's cat? Let's just say the woman isn't so alone any more and the cat is very happy with the arrangement.

It was a heartwarming story. The illustrations and art style were bold and fun, with words sprawling all over the place and lots of little details it would be easy to overlook if you don't spend time.

Definitely a cute book!

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