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Carry On
Carry On
by Rainbow Rowell



It's the very best book version of a fanfiction that was written by a fictional character in a book based off a book series that doesn't exist that is modeled after a book series that does exist that I've ever read, that's for sure!

It's got (not necessarily in this order): goats, magic, boykissing, goats, an ultimate struggle of good against evil, amazingly complex Rainbow Rowell characters (TM?), angst, humor, great plot twists, and so much more!

Even though it's supposed to be a little like Hogwarts, it ends up being a complex and wonderful universe that can stand on its own. I love the creativity regarding how magic works and how the wizards operate within it. I also love watching the Harry (Simon) and Draco (Baz) characters go from mortal enemies to... something more. And it goes the places one wants fanfiction to go--obvious obsessions, confessions of emotions during late night discussions, and love with caring and self-sacrifice and no strings attached. It's beautiful.

I was absorbed entirely by this book while reading it and now I need more people in my life who've read it so I can discuss and fangirl properly. I also want to reread fangirl for all the little fanfic bits now that I'm even more in love with these characters. But, after I do so, I fear I'll want to read Carry On again...

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge: A book that's been mentioned in another book (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell)

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