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A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
A Clash of Kings
by George R. R. Martin


This was a fine book with the continuing saga of a hundred different characters in this fantasy land. A lot of terrible things happened. People got a little closer to their goals only to have more setbacks befall them.

I read this only because my Harry Potter meetup group was doing a book discussion about it; otherwise, I would have given up after book 1. I earread this on audio as well, and I'm still not really a fan of the reader; his pronunciation of names was vastly different from the tv show, so it made it difficult to follow the discussion we had at times.

I'm going to give up on this series until it's finished and someone can tell me who ends up on the throne. I don't like having to decide for myself who I want on the throne; I want an author who tells me who to root for. I want good and evil clearly defined for me. So I really don't enjoy these books at the moment. There are some characters I like (just a few, but they exist) and a LOT of characters I dislike, even if my friends say they "get better." I feel entirely indifferent about these books in the end, and I honestly think it's because the author doesn't tell me how I'm supposed to feel, just presents all the different sides. I just don't think it's worth it to read such long books I don't enjoy at all. So I'm officially giving up for now.

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