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Jughead, Vol. 2
Jughead, Vol 2
by Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Derek Charm

These new Jughead comics made me fall in love with the character that I'd only just liked as a child. My favorite part is that he makes no apologies for being who he is, and these comics celebrate the craziness that is Jughead--even when cursed by a witch, he's able to succeed with flying colors; when submitting an art assignment he makes a statue of himself entirely out of food, and wins first place; and when heading to Pop's for a burger, he completely misses the giant new mascot standing outside.

This is a great collection of stories, from getting lost in the woods with Archie to avoid the Mantle family reunion (a terrifying and hilarious collection of people just like Reggie), to Jughead meeting Sabrina the Teenage Witch who does magic (I mean Sabrina the "cool teen" who does "burgers").

I can understand that some aces might not like his representation in this volume, but this girl loved it. He doesn't feel weird about not liking ladies in that way and makes no apologies for it, even when his friends are pressuring him to pursue a romantic relationship. Even when he accidentally agrees to go on a date and is overwhelmed, he doesn't try to be what he's not. However, he doesn't just come right out and tell people "lay off, I'm asexual and don't want to change that." He's a teenager, still trying to figure out how to put things into words, still trying to understand who he is, and still trying to figure out what he likes (and does that include a lady who dresses up as a burger? Intriguing!). Betty pushes him to figure things out kindly. Archie is COMPLETELY oblivious and love-obsessed, which is partly because we're seeing it through Jughead's POV and partly because, yeah, he is. I loved watching Jughead handle himself at dinner REALISTICALLY--flustered and grasping for straws, not sure what to do. But then falling back into who he is and googling birds eating roses because those swans and pelicans spewing rose petals doesn't make him feel romantic but, instead, worried about the birds. Man, I love Jughead! And after trying to take revenge on him (which doesn't work) Sabrina totally gets it more than any of his friends do. Despite all that happened, he helps her out and then she gives him sweet dreams... of burger friends! Awww, Jughead. Everyone should be so lucky as to have good dreams of the thing they love most in the world.

I really enjoyed this collection, including one of the authors' little notes at the bottom of each page--extra jokes for the same low price--and the way something in a previous arc came back around to save the day in this one! And the art is absolutely adorable. Jughead isn't some awkward, gangly guy but attractive and sure of himself.

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