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End of Watch (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #3)
End of Watch
by Stephen King


It took me a while to get this in audio, but once I did, I was excited to finish the trilogy. I'm afraid the first is still my favorite, but I did like this as well. And at the end I definitely had... what's the word? Closure.

Brady Hartsfield is at it again, nearly catatonic in the trauma ward, this time he projects himself into people's bodies to manipulate and kill them (have them commit suicide). His targets include people his previous attacks failed to kill (like the teenage girls at the concert in the first book) as well as Bill Hodges and the people closest to him.

How do you stop someone who can be inside someone else's body, especially when everyone around you thinks that kind of supernatural thing is impossible? A further wrinkle comes when Bill is diagnosed with cancer. He doesn't have much time to live but he won't allow himself to die until he's stopped Brady finally and for good.

I loved the strong emotions at play in this book--everything is literally do or die. Everyone is concerned for each other. And everyone is willing to give their all to protect each other. I loved seeing Holly, Jerome, and Bill back together, working to stop Brady, even though I was also terrified for them. This being a Stephen King novel, anyone could have dropped dead at any moment. And there were plenty of deaths and "suicides." I was definitely on the edge of my seat right up until the end.

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