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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (The Mysterious Benedict Society, #0.5)
The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict
by Trenton Lee Stewart


I've read the Mysterious Benedict Society books, so the idea of getting to know its namesake better was an appealing one. I loved seeing poor Nicholas on his own, trying to make his way in a brand new orphanage, and coping with both his nightmares and his narcolepsy. Nicholas definitely had a hard time at first, but his extraordinary mind made the better of it. He figured out how to get out of his room (multiple ways). He solved the biggest mystery of the orphanage. He even made some friends despite all odds! It was so great getting to know Nicholas Benedict better (even though I knew things about him he had yet to learn about himself). I felt for the poor kid a number of times, but I was always confident he would figure out how to succeed. What a fun character study combined with a mystery!

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge: A book with an eccentric character
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