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Not Quite Narwhal
Not Quite Narwhal
by Jessie Sima

I read this book months ago at the library, but apparently never reviewed it. The cover art and title caught my eye.

It's an adorable story about Kelp, who doesn't quite fit in with the rest of his narwhal family. He doesn't look exactly the same and he doesn't swim as well. One day he meets a unicorn and ventures onto land to meet a whole family of them. He realizes he's a unicorn as well and has been one his whole life! But he worries now his narwhal family won't love him. Lucky for Kelp, this is a super warm and fuzzy book and they do accept him. Moreover, he gets to be part of BOTH families.

This story works so well as a metaphor for not fitting in and for discovering yourself. It's packed full of positive messages for families as well. And the amazing, appealing illustrations bring the story to life perfectly.

I highly recommend this book!

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