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Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
by Jeremy Sorese, Asia Kendrick-Horton, Ian Jones-Quarterly, Rachel Dukes

This volume felt exactly like watching a Steven Universe episoe (only a little longer, probably). It had the same tone, the same humor, the same unique dialogue, even the same wacky kind of story. I really enjoyed it!

In this volume, Steven is bored during the day and heads to school with Connie as a show and tell subject. But everything makes fun of him and doesn't believe his story about being a gem. When Steven brings the wrong thing in the next day for show and tell, and it gets lose and threatens the school, the gems have to come save him (and then it's hard for the school to not believe). There are a lot of other smaller issues at play like how smart Steven is and Connie earning respect of her classmates. So it was a fun read and one with a lot of feeling hidden in it as well.
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