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Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen
Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1)
by Sarina Bowen

I don't read many romance books, because I'm not a fan of their formulas. But if they have hockey in them, I'll give them a try. I'm glad I gave this one a read. I loved the fictional team and culture that Sarina created here. The accounts of games and team dynamics was so great to get to know. I actually really loved their seemingly all-knowing techy boss. And the teammates were fun and realistic without distracting too much from the overall story.

I enjoyed getting to know Georgia and Leo as well. I liked the idea of their relationship rekindling, especially as Leo was still head-over-heels in love with Georgia but she had been the one to end their relationship. And their chemistry was fantastic, even when they were pretending it didn't exist. The situation of both of their jobs (for different reasons) being rather temporary would have made any relationship difficult, but when you're childhood sweethearts and broke up because of the emotional strain after a rape, it makes for a roller coaster of a story.

I love Doulie and Silas and Becca and even the coach (even though he was being kind of a jerk for a while, it was because he loved his daughter). There were a lot of different relationships and emotions at play, which made it a fun read.

It wasn't a work of great literature, but it wasn't as bad as some hockey romances I've read. And I definitely had a good time reading it. I look forward to the next in the series as well.

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