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Bone Gap
Bone Gap
by Laura Ruby


I'm not much of a fan of magical realism, and (in the end) I am unsure how much was actually magical. So many of the seemingly strange things like the horse and the ghost ended up being explained. So it was mainly realistic magical realism? I'm unsure of what the term is!

Anyway, the thing I loved about this book was its main character. Finn is a young boy who everyone in Bone Gap calls weird or strange--my kind of person already! He witnessed Roza's departure but can't offer any details about who she left with (was she kidnapped? Did she leave willingly? He can't even tell that much!). So everyone (because everyone in town loved Roza) is angry with him, including his brother who really liked her. Almost from the beginning, I guessed what the problem was. But even so, I still enjoyed the story and loved the characters. It was too weird for me at times (and if you're going to explain some things, explain ALL the things! Was it the honey? I'm blaming the honey).

However, the characters were great. I loved Finn and his brother Sean (awww, he was so sweet taking care of everyone) and Petey (the girl Finn likes whose family is all about bees) and Roza (who was a realistic mix of strong woman and woman needing rescuing). I even liked the "magical" horse that shows up that Finn and Petey take on adventures in the middle of the night.

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